Maria Bingo

PokerComPair has asked Sharon to play at Maria Poker, to get a more realistic idea on how you girls experience this pokersite.

Sharon's review of Maria Poker

 Maria poker is a super nice site. It’s not only poker, but also things like bingo and slot machines. Maria Bingo gave me 50 DKK just to look at their site, so off course I hurried up to the poker tables, but sadly I couldn’t use my free money here. So instead I used them all on bingo, and yuhuu, I won, 400 bucks for me :-) Off course I withdrew them all instantly, and spend them on a new pair off really cool pumps.

 Then PokerComPair gave me some more money, and this time said, that I had to use them on poker, and only poker. This was also good fun and exciting. It was one of the first times I ever played poker- this kind anyway ;-) and I only won ones, when my cards was all red, and then I lost it all again. But it was good fun, and if the guys from PokerComPair gave me some money again, I would definitely play poker again.

 Another really nice thing on Maria Bingo, is chatting with other people. It seems a little bit like everybody knows one another, and they are all nice and helpful. I even got a new girlfriend from Maria Poker, she is from France, and we was thinking about getting together next summer maybe.

  If I should give ComPair-Points to Maria Bingo I would give them  7, because it is a really fun and big pokersite, with something for everybody, and you can make lots of friends there. In that sense, it is a little bit like Facebook :-)

 Well that’s it from me, hope to see you soon, with more poker reviews from me.

Hugs and kisses


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